Cooperation among government institutions and civil society organizations contribute toward protection of children from online abuse and exploitation

Tirana, February 6th, 2018 – On the Safe Internet Day 2018, The Ministry of Health and Social Protection, The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the Ministry of Interior agreed to sign National Action Plan of Child Online Safety (2018-2020)

The National Action Plan, prepared with the support of CRCA Albania, aims to increase the child online safety: by strengthening of the national and local institutions capacity; through the consolidation of the partnership among government institutions –NGOs-private sector; by strengthening of the legal framework and the child online protection and awareness policies. 

Vice-Minister of Health and Social Protection, Mrs. Ardiana Janku, underlined the importance of inter-section cooperation for child online protection.  In her discourse Mrs. Janku was mentioned the efforts of the Ministry to protect children online. She was confirmed her engagement on the implementation of the National Action Plan.

Vice-Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Mrs. Besa Shahini, highlighted the education institutions role for child rising awareness on safe navigation. She was mentioned the Ministry of Education’ efforts for curricula improvement and for early intervention through the education process of the social actor that contribute to the well-being and education of the child.

Mr. Altin Hazizaj emphasised the current achievements of CRCA on child online protection. He displayed the future challenges for prevention and protection children from online abuse and exploitation. Mr. Hazizaj was promoted the most important resources for child online awareness and reporting such is: National Platform for Child Online Safety and the Albanian National Child Helpline ALO 116-111.

The National Action Plan for Child Online Safety was focused to the common responsibilities for child rights protection by public institutions, civil society organization, teachers, parents, media and industry of communication. It will be a guide to lead the efforts and actions of institutions, CSOs, industries and all interested social actors on child online safety over the next three years.

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