• CRCA / ECPAT Albania sues the Municipality of Tirana in Court!

    For 2 years, a decision of the Municipal Council of Tirana violates the constitutional right to peaceful assembly and assembly for every citizen, group of citizens or NGO

    Tirana, April 21, 2021 - CRCA / ECPAT Albania will face on April 29, 2021 in a lawsuit with the Municipality of Tirana. The Child Rights Centre in Albania addressed to the Tirana Administrative Court a few weeks ago, with a lawsuit against the Municipality of Tirana and the Municipal Council for...
  • Personal data of children in Albania at risk of falling into the hands of pedophiles!

    CRCA / ECPAT Albania expresses its astonishment that data protection institutions have not acted to date to protect children

    Tirana, April 6, 2021 - CRCA / ECPAT Albania, theFree Legal Office for Vulnerable Children and Youth and the National Platform ISIGURT.al, through this public call addressed to three public national institutions: the Commissioner for Data Protection, National Police Authority and the Directorate...

    CRCA/ECPAT Albania: We are extremely concerned on the situation that children and young people face while waiting justice for sexual crimes committed against them!

    Tirana, April 02, 2021 - Finally, after 44 court sessions justice was served on the case of sexual violence of a 12-years old girl in the district of Gjirokastra. After a very long ordeal continuing for several years for the abused minor and her family, the Gjirokastra Magistrate’s Court sentence...

    CRCA/ECPAT Albania:Torture against any human being is unacceptable and illegal, but when it is exercised against a child it shows that the Police Authority is far from respecting and protecting the rights of the child!

    Tirana, March 31, 2021- National Centre for Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Juveniles in Conflict with the Law and CRCA / ECPAT Albania, through this statement address the State Police and the Commissioner for Protection and Promotion of Children's Rights at the Ombudsman Albania, for requested...
  • Sexual Assault Against Boys Is a Crisis

    It’s far more common than we think. Here’s why we don’t talk about it.

    By Emma Brown Raising a boy sometimes feels like traveling in a foreign land. When I gave birth to my daughter, three years before my son was born, I had no idea how to be a mother. But after decades of navigating life as a woman, I knew unequivocally what I wanted for her: to see herself as...

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By March 1997 Albania was in total turmoil and people had taken to arms across the country in protest against the corruption, an authoritarian government and lack of a functioning state. Seven years after the people had overthrown the communist regime from power, the country was still far from living in a democratic state, where human rights of all are respected.

Children were among the most affected from the violence and unrest that followed. Media reports claim that more than 150 children were killed accidentally by bullets and other types of ammunitions. It is under such a background that a dedicated group of lawyers, doctors and journalists, with a extensive working experience on human rights, decided to come together to establish Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA). This year we commemorate our 20thanniversary as one of the leading human rights organisations in the country and the Western Balkans.

20 years is quite a short and long time in the history of CSO’s in the Balkans, where there has never been a well-established civil society. Such an oxymoron can explain the works of almost every organisation working for children, youth and human rights in Albania and Balkans. Lacking democratic values, a strong education system, political elites and geo-political realities made Albania a “perfect” country for political experiments, which still today continue to affect the rights and the welfare of our citizens.

Much has happened to our organisation during this period too. One of the largest achievements of our work and so many other CSO’s, colleagues and friends, public institutions and donors, has been the great advancement of children and youth rights, despite that the country still faces the same challenges that faced in 1997...


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