Youth In Politics

Youth In Politics


Albanian National Youth Networkis a youth network, composed of representatives of political youth forums and youth groups and civil society organization at the local and national level, established in 2015.

They come together under this group to consulting, undertake jointactivities and initiatives of interest to all youth, regardless of political afillation, economic and social status, sexual orientation, gender identity, skills or clusters, in ëich they belong.

Goal: To promotethe issues and rights of young people at local and national level; to advocate for youth participation representation at all levels of decision-making, promote new youth friendly policies at national and local level, as well as encouraging new national laws and programs to support youth in Albania.

Objectives: Lobby and advocacy to ensure and respect rights of young people in the country; Increased youth participation at all levels of decision-making both locally and in the central; Promote the development of youth policy and budgeting with participation of youth; Empowerment of youth and youth organizations; Resource center for youth issues at national and local level.

One of the main aims of ANYN is the establishment of other local youth networks and youth advisory boards at each municipallity of the country. ANYN will serve as an ombrella for all this smaller local youth networks. The youth advisory boards will be advisory and information structure to strengthen the participation, information and consultation of Tirana City Council’s policies and its decisions with young people.

Albanian National Youth Networkis supported and facilitated by the Human Rights House/CRCAAlbania.

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