Women In Politics

Women In Politics

A series of projects to Support Youth and Women in Politics and Decision-making as “Promoting Democracy and Good Governance through Political Parties in Albania”, “Women for Change”, Women 4 Women”, “Promoting Community Based Scorecards in collaboration with local government in Tirana”, “Tirana: My City-My Voice”, are implemented by CRCA from 2005 till now, with the financial support of Olof Palme International Centre and UN Women Albania.

The projects implemented on the frame of the programme “Women and Youth in Politics” aims to promote democracy and good governance through political parties and civil society groups, as a precondition for effective government and further democratic development of Albania.

The programme strengthens women, youth and minority political forums and civil society groups to participate and influence the political and decision-making processes of Albania.

The main actions related to the programme are: Capacity building for women and youth political forums / civil society groups, in order to strengthen their ability to formulate policies and influence the political processes in central and local government; Information, Education and Awareness of women, youth, the general public and political parties in Albania on the role and importance of women and youth participation in governance and political processes, in order to guarantee citizens participation in public policies.

The Project “My City-My Voice”, which it is in the process of implementation, is an integrated approach and methodology into tackling citizens’ lack of interest into civil society and political processes in the country while strengthening civil society organizations as structures of social change to become the voice of citizens by equipping them with instruments for democratization and social change.

For this the project focuses on informing, mobilizing and empowering some of the most marginalized civil society groups, such as CSOs working for children, youth and womento effectively monitor and hold accountable the local and central government by participating in decision-making processes.

Some of the main results of this multi-year work in Support of Youth and Women in Politics and Decision-making are: the implementation of 30% gender quota on the Electoral Code and the approval of some changes on the new one to guarantee the full implementation of the quota; signing of the petitions on support of the gender quota from more than 30000 supporters all over the country; capacity building of more than 600 women and youth from political parties through trainings on electoral campaign, participation in decision-making, lobbying and advocacy, etc; a series of forums, seminars and workshops to promote women and youth participation on politics; a series of awareness campaigns to mobilize women and youth on the importance of their vote; drafting of a series of informing manuals and publications about the rights of participation on decision-making processes; a series of monitoring reports of Tirana City Council’s work, etc.

The main partners of the programme are: Albanian Coalition for Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics, Political Parties, Women and Youth Forums of Political Parties in Albania, Women and Youth NGO’s, local officers, Media and Voters.

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