A New Training Manual For Women Participation In Politics In Albania

A New Training Manual For Women Participation In Politics In Albania

The Albanian Coalition for the Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics with support from UNIFEM finalizes the new Training Manual “Women’s Rights and women participation in politics”

Tirana, 24 June 2009 – Albanian Coalition for Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics, announced today that it has finalized the Training Manual “Women’ s Rights and their Participation in Politics”.

The Manual is prepared to assist women and girls in their work for the Forums of Political Parties, NGO-s and civil society in Albania. The aim of the Manual is to facilitate the work of trainers, political forums and NGO-s on the issues of women’ s rights, their participation in politics and decision-making.

The manual focuses on raising the understanding of women and girls on women’s rights and the national commitments made by Albania towards gender equality. It aims at building the capacities of women on how to advocate with political parties on women’s engagement in elections and on gender equality; how to mobilize media in support of women in elections and how to mobilize women at the grassroots level as voters and as citizens.

The Manual has four main moduls: Women’s Rights; Lobbing an Advocating for the Partecipation of women in Politics; Door to Door Campaign in support of women candidates and to mobilise women as votters; Media and Women Partecipation in Politics.

Apart from the Coalition, the preparation of the Manual was assisted by a main group of well-known experts composed of Prof. Dr. Aurela Anastasi (Law), Diana Çuli (MP), Aurela Bozo (MA), Etleva Bisha (MA) and Arben Muka (Journalist), and partner organisations and experts.

The manual is prepared under the frame-work of the programme “Women 4 Change”, implemented from the Coalition and supported from UNIFEM. 

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