“Door To Door” Campaign For Awarenessing Women To Get Out And Vote, Begins

“Door To Door” Campaign For Awarenessing Women To Get Out And Vote, Begins

Tirana, 2 June 2009 – Children’s Rights Centre Albania (CRCA), in collaboration with the Coalition for Promotion of Women, Youth and Minorities have begun the campaign “Door to Door” to do women aware to get out and vote.

The campaign is part of the programme “Women for Change”, supported by UNIFEM.

This campaign will include Tirana, Vlora and Shkodra cities, and except the centers of these cities the campaign will cover some communes or the suburbs of these cities.

Through this campaign is aimed the women awareness for the role of their vote, its importance and the growth of women number that will participate in election.

The team that realizes the campaign in Tirana, is composed to 14 young people with balanced gender, trained for the campaign realization and the techniques used in the door to door campaign. The whole team is divided in mini-teams which will work in a suburb zone of the city or in a village.

The team members are equipped with awareness materials which are used to be divided between girls and women that they meet. During the campaign will be separated posters, leaflet, too

It is aimed the campaign to influence in women mentality about the personal vote importance, that they vote the candidate they trust, like and the better candidate according to them.
The campaign doesn’t belong to any party and aim only to do women to get out to vote the candidate they prefer regardless the political conviction. 

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