Make child poverty history

Make child poverty history

CRCA joins pan-European network of children’s rights organisations to demand action against child poverty

Poverty among children is likely to increase as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organisations working with and for children across Europe call on EU leaders to ensure the EU Recovery Plan and a new long-term EU budget, to be discussed at the upcoming Summit on 17-18 July, help to address child poverty. CRCA as a member of the pan-European children’s rights network, Eurochild, urges [name of your leader or government] to agree that at least 5% of the European Social Fund Plus resources in the long-term budget should be targeted at reducing child poverty in all EU Member States.

100,000 children across Albania are endangered every day by starvation and poverty and 20% of children in Albania live in absolute poverty.In the EU, more than 1 in four children are at risk of poverty and children are more likely to be at risk of poverty than the general population. (Eurostat, 2018)

Children already disadvantaged before the crisis by poverty, migration status or difficult home environments have suffered most during the lockdown imposed to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.   Moreover child poverty is likely to worsen owing to the economic fallout of the crisis. Reports suggest that household poverty is expected to increase by 15% worldwide by the end of 2020. (UNICEF and Save the Children, May 2020).

Eurochild members, which total almost 200 organisations and individuals across 35 countries, are echoing the call to make child poverty history across all EU national capitals ahead of the meeting of EU leaders.

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