The Youth Resource Centre opens in Albania

The Youth Resource Centre opens in Albania

After 23 years of working with youth, CRCA / ECPAT Albania and its partners finally bring toAlbania the model of a national youth empowerment resource centre!

Tirana, 10 November 2019 - This morning, in the presence of over 100 young people from all over Albania, MPs, representatives of authorities and organizations, opened the doors of the Youth Resource Centre in Albania (YRCA), a network of youth services, information, informal education, counselling and support for young people and theirorganizations.

The centre will provide informal continuing learning resources for youth workers, youth leaders, groups, youth political forums, leaders of organizations, student councils, youth units in municipalities and public institutions, and will organize training and learning activities , coaching and mentoring, which together aim to strengthen personal and organizational capacities, increase cooperation in support of civil society organizations and National Agencies in Albania!

The services will be provided integrated by CRCA / ECPAT Albania in cooperation with the Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN), the Albanian Coalition for Education (ACE) and the Children's and Youth Rights Information Centre in Albania. The YRCA is constituted of some of the best experts in the field of public policy and legislation, analysis and studies, training and coaching, media and information in Albania.

The Youth Resource Centre in Albania - YRCA, will make available valuable information resources for all young people, students and youth organizations that will express their interest in being informed and educated in  the respect  for youth rights, policies, initiatives, activities and any other information related to the field of youth in our country. YRCA will also offer expertise in coaching and mentoring for youth organizations and those others interested in enhancing their capabilities.

YRCA also focuses on providing opportunities for students and youth who will be interested in developing youth internships in YRCA partner organizations in order to learn from best practices in organizations that have contributed. Over the years they have been involved in drafting surveys, writing reports, organizing various youth initiatives / activities and have contributed to improving the situation of youthrights in the country.

The Youth Resource Centre in Albania will also serve as a mechanism to promote youth by engaging in Summits organized by YRCA partner organizations to be involved in dialogue between youth, central and local government institutions, civil society organizations and various development agencies in Albania to find practical solutions that improve addressing the greater challenges faced by youth in Albania.


For furthermore information, please contact at the e-mail adress:

Ervjola Osmanaj

President of ANYN and National Coordinatore of YRCA




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