Tirana Youth Parliament joins world movement "Fridays for Future"

Tirana Youth Parliament joins world movement "Fridays for Future"

Tirana, 14 June 2019 - Tirana Youth Parliament, as the representative of all high school students in the Albanian capital city, for the first time, joined the movement of millions of young people in the world, "Fridays For Future". In many parts of the world, young people have joined the global movement undertaken by 16-year-old Swedish NOBEL nominee Greta Thunberg for environmental protection in the world and global warming. This movement, which has recently spread everywhere, has been attended for the first time by children and youth of Tirana.

Environmental protection is one of the problems that is often identified by children and young people in all cities of the country, including Tirana. Through the messages they disseminated, they sought to raise awareness among the public and the media about the climate devastation that human hands often create and the impact they have everywhere on our daily lives. The children and youth of the Tirana Youth Parliament came together to unify their voice in environmental protection. Messages written on placards calling for children and young people "Change policies, not climate", were addressed by children and young people to public institutions as well as citizens on the extremely negative consequences of the destruction of environment.

The meeting was organized by CRCA / ECPAT Albania, Save the Children, and the Swedish Agency for International Development as part of the "From Children to Children" program. The participation of children is one of the basic principles sanctioned by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and yet in Albania it remains one of the most difficult to implement. CRCA / ECPAT Albania and Save the Children have for years been dedicated to promoting the participation of children and young people in decision-making processes at the central and local levels.

Since 2017, both organizations have worked together to empower children and young people in five Albanian cities so that they can participate in preparing a joint report on the situation of children in Albania and based on its findings. , to build and implement local advocacy plans in their respective cities.

All over the country, children and young people have identified a problem and defined their advocacy plans. In Tirana city, the "Youth Parliament" has identified as the main problem the lack of involvement of children and young people in decision-making processes.

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