Parliament rejects President's decree on Youth Law

Parliament rejects President's decree on Youth Law

Government and Parliament continue to violate the Constitution! Adopt the law in violation of youth movement democracy!

Tirana, 17 December 2019 – Parliamentary Commission on Education and the Media rejects the President's decree on Youth Law. The Parliament of Albania decided yesterday at a meeting of the relevant commission to pass this law.

With 14 votes in favor and only two votes against, the votes of two opposition representatives, Fatjona Dhimitri and Erjon Piciri, the Presidential decree was overturned to allow the law to be approved.

The Youth Law was adopted on November 4, 2019 by the Albanian Parliament and then passed to the Presidency Institution for decree. CRCA / ECPAT Albania and the Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN), as the only organizations that followed the entire process of discussing and approving step by step, addressed Parliament seeking its review and serious improvement, as this law it presented essential problems.

After approval by the MPs of the Albanian Parliament, the CRCA publicly called on the President of the Republic to reverse the law in the hope that this step would bring about a review and representation of all young people in it.

After this request, and after a review, the President of the Republic considered that the law was contrary to the constitutional principles and his spirit did not comply with the real interests of the young people in Albania, which brought the law into conflict with the public and national interest. Based on these reasons, two weeks ago, dt. 25 November 2019, the President of the Republic did not promulgate the Law "On Youth".

CRCA / ECPAT Albania continues to seek the broad reflection of Albanian policy on non-use of party cartoons when it comes to representing over 681,548 young people aged 15-29 in Albania.

CRCA / ECPAT Albania will continue its efforts to inform all young people of the bias and violations of this law.

We will continue our contacts with the EU Delegation, the US Embassy in Albania and any other diplomatic representation in the country, to express our concern not only about the content and forms of adoption of this law, but also about the continuing tendency of the parliamentary majority to deny and violate the rights of young people in Albania.



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