2nd Girls' Summit in Albania adopts resolution on sexual violence against girls

2nd Girls' Summit in Albania adopts resolution on sexual violence against girls

Every day, at least 10 girls and women are victims of violence in Albania!

Tirana, 18 November 2019 - The Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN) and CRCA/ECPAT Albania organized for the second year the Girls' Summit, an event that encourages girls across Albania to consider their future in decision-making, aiming at wider involvement in all aspects of these processes.

The 2nd Girls' Summit in Albania comes as part of the Global # Girl2Leader Campaign, a campaign initiated by the Global Forum on Women in Politics (WPL). In Albania the #Girl2Leader campaign is running for the second year and in this context the Summit comes from the Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN), CRCA / ECPAT Albania, Youth Resource Centre in Albania (YRCA), Child and Youth Policy The Hub and the Albanian Coalition for Education, under the special care of the Tirana Young Counsellors Alliance.

The Summit brought together members of the Albanian Parliament, representatives of public institutions and non-governmental organizations, media, as well as many young girls. The event was hosted at the Council Hall of the Tirana Municipality, to give, among other things, a message of appreciation for the work that this municipality has done for girls, but also for the support and empowerment that such institution seeks to continue in the context of decision-making.

More than 340,000 thousand girls up to the age of 19 live in Albania. They demand from their Government, Municipalities and institutions to draw more attention to them. They demand that law enforcement institutions, politicians, the Albanian society and NGOs take on new responsibilities for the protection and development of girls everywhere in Albania.

The Summit focused also on one of the most disturbing realities for girls in Albania, that is sexual violence.

According to the reports of the National Police Authority, during 2018 alone, 3690 women and girls were victims of violence or 73.4% of the total number of victims of violence. Every day more than 10 girls and women are victims of violence in Albania. As for sexual violence, 1 in 10 children are victims of sexual violence in Albania, most of them girls.

18 November also marks the European Day against Sexual Violence of the Council of Europe. In this context, the girls participating in the Summit required the adoption of a Resolution on the Prevention and Punishment of Sexual Violence against Girls in Albania, which, in cooperation with the Alliance of Women MPs and the Parliamentary Sub-Commission on Domestic Violence, will be submitted to the Albanian Parliament for consideration.

Just a year ago, Albania started the tradition of organizing Girls' Summits. The purpose of the Summit is to empower, engage and support girls aged 15-21 to engage early in policymaking and decision-making, thus becoming the voice of girls and their rights in Albania.


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