AKCESK, “keep hands off” from child protection policies!

AKCESK, “keep hands off” from child protection policies!

CRCA / ECPAT Albania requires to the Prime Minister to take serious and immediate proceedings to eliminate overlapping of professional skills on internet protection of children!

Dear Mr., prime Minister,

We address this open letter to express our concern as CRCA / ECPAT Albania and the Safe Internet Centre in Albania regarding the security of internet in Albania.

Albania, despite measures taken to protect children, turns out to be one of the countries with the most insecure internet in Europe!

The 1st National Report on the Internet Safety of Children in Albania shows that children and young people are completely insecure and vulnerable by law and public institutions during their navigation on the Internet. Two weeks ago, the State Police informed us of an online bullying that had caused a suicide attempt by a minor. A few days ago, social networks were bombed with the profile of a sexual predator that distributed a violent sexual relationship between an adult and a minor girl. No one thought that she was distributing pornography with minors!

National Platform data www.ISIGURT.al shows that bullying and hate speech on the Internet have become the main concern for children and young people. In this regard, civil society and the communications industry should play an important role in informing and raising awareness of children and parents, how to safely navigate the Internet, and cultivate new behaviours that promote respect and accountability on the Internet, such as and where to report when the Internet poses risks to them. "Crime without Punishment" report indicated that monstrous crimes are being committed against children and young people online and because of the lack of legal arrangements in the Criminal Code, these crimes remain unpunished.

In Albania, the Electronic Communications Act and the Children's Rights and Protection Act have assigned specific tasks to AKEP and ASHDMF to address and take action in relation to illegal or harmful content, child information and monitoring of work institutions to make a safe internet for children. From reports and data coming from Platform www.ISIGURT.al, it turns out that there is a tendency to send child cases to the National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber ​​Security (AKCESK), by ASHDMF that is wrong and does not helps in resolving child cases.

The National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber ​​Security (CAECES) has in its missionguaranteeing the security of trusted services, especially to ensure reliability and the security of electronic transactions between citizens, the business and public authorities, increasing the effectivity of public and private services and electronic commerce. Also, it defines the minimum technical CIIs Operators of data security and computer network/systems of information society, in accordance to the international CIIs Operators in this issue, with the goal of creating a safe electronic environment.

Meanwhile we still see unclear involvement in dealing with cases by AKCESK (National Authority for Electronic Certification and Cyber ​​Security). Also, their involvement in awareness campaigns in the Schools, and not the experts of children and teachers themselves, underestimates the efforts of other institutions charged by law to carry out their duties and professionally inform children and adolescents with information that is not technical, but is specially prepared by children and children.

On the other hand, the State Agency for the Rights and Protection of Children has been in charge for the protection of children's rights for many years and is responsible for coordinating and organizing the integrated child protection system in accordance with national protection policies including the implementation of interventions and taking measures to prevent and protect the child from abuse, neglect, mistreatment and violence. This National Level Agency coordinates its work with other state and private agencies, and has a duty to cooperate with the responsible state structures in the process of drafting proposals and implementing EU integration policies in the area of ​​protection of rights of the child. As such, it builds and realizes, either alone or in cooperation with other institutions, activities for education, training, awareness of citizens, as well as employees and public officials of the public administration and the justice system and coordinates or realizes awareness campaigns and concrete activities for promoting the participation of the child in all fields.

Dear Mr., Prime Minister,

The Secure Internet Centre in Albania and CRCA / ECPAT Albania require that the National Electronic Certification and Cyber Security Authority (AKCSESK) suspend the development of strategies, arrangements or any other project related to the protection and rights of children, as such a function is performed by the Ministry of Health itself in close cooperation with the State Agency for the Rights and Protection of Children (ASHDMF) and the Electronic and Postal Communications Authority (AKEP).

We also require that the State Police establish a special Directory with its presence in all 12 circles of the country for cybercrime, as virtual life and crime are turned into a reality that we can no longer neglect.


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