The Lanzarote Committee invites children to raise their voice against sexual violence in Albania

The Lanzarote Committee invites children to raise their voice against sexual violence in Albania

Tirana, March 23, 2021- The Chair of the Lanzarote Committee of the Council of Europe, established pursuant to the Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Abuse and Exploitation, addressed children in Albania and several European countries with an open letter, thanking and asking them to participate in monitoring and addressing the challenges posed by sexual images and videos created by the children themselves. 

Mrs. Christel De Craim, Chair of the Lanzarote Committee, also thanks CRCA / ECPAT Albania and the Albanian children who were part of one of the most important events in terms of sexual violence against children, the preparation of the Report on monitoring child protection policies against violence sexual harassment in 10 countries, including Albania. 

Over 306 children from Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine, contributed to the preparation of a special chapter in this report. It contains messages, videos, various posters, which have been sent to the Lanzarote Committee by children from these countries, focusing on the fight to be undertaken against children sexual violence. In these messages, the Committee has also found recommendations, which are an important part not only of the report, but also of the policies that should be followed by the member states of the Council of Europe in the fight against child sexual violence. 

The Lanzarote Committee representative invited the children to participate even more broadly in the Convention monitoring process, which should serve as an example to empower children to talk about topics that affect them personally. 

“Sometimes people tend to forget, but your voice should not be silenced: every child has the right to be heard and to contribute on all measures that affect them. This is paramount in order to take the best interest of the child into account. We count on you to raise awareness in this regard!”- highlights Ms De Craim in her letter.  

The Lanzarote Convention entered into force in July 2010 and requires Parties to criminalize all forms of sexual offences against children and adopt specific legislation and policy measures to prevent sexual violence, protect victims and prosecute perpetrators. It also promotes national and international cooperation in these areas. 


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