CRCA / ECPAT Albania formally requested today, during a Hearing Session of the Parliamentary Committee on Health and Social Affairs of the Albanian Parliament, immediate legal improvements in the Criminal Code and the Law on the Rights of the Child to better protect children from sexual violence!

Tirana, 15 June 2022 – CRCA / ECPAT Albania made public this morning several legal proposals for a better protection of children from violence and sexual exploitation. The proposals consist of two key changes: raising the minimum age of sexual consent and changing the definition of sexual violence in the Criminal Code, which considers sexual violence only rape. The request was made public at a special hearing session organised this morning at the Albanian Parliament by the Committee on Labor, Health and Social Affairs.
A CRCA/ECPAT Albania statistical survey on sexual crimes committed in Albania over the last 12 years, found that almost 80 percent of reported sexual crimes in the country are committed against a person under 18 years old – almost 60 percent of them against a child under 14 years old. This is an indication that sexual predators are making children victims of their crimes because the law does not adequately protect them.
The Director of CRCA/ECPAT Albania, Altin Hazizaj, in his speech before the Committee, said: “Children need more protection, security and care in their lives, including better protection from sexual violence and exploitation. The Albanian legislation must be in line with the Council of Europe Lanzarote Convention and the European Union directives for the protection of children from all forms of sexual violence.”
Article 100 of the Albanian Penal Code defines the age of 14 as the minimum age of sexual consent. Globally and in Europe the age of 16 is defined in law as the age of sexual consent.
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June 15, 2022