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Reports on topics such as domestic violence or violence against children are getting more into the attention of the media in Albania. The data of the Global Index “Out of the Shadows” gave to the media in Albania 0 points out of a possible 100, for the lack of media guidelines for reporting crimes related to violence or sexual abuse against children.

The National Audio-Visual Authority in Albania (AMA) broadcasting code pays special attention to how the media should deal with children. Increased reporting and publication of incidents of violence against children, has raised questions on the media ethics and at cases the quality of journalism. We have observed cases where the media has violated the rights of the child, especially of the victims, who in reality are faced with their identification.

Based on this CRCA/ECPAT Albania is working to increase the capacities of the media, journalists and the child protection system to protect the best interest of children in every reporting where children are the protagonist. The program is comprised of three main interventions:

  • Strengthening the capacities of journalists, media and child protection units to ethically and correctly report cases of violence against children;
  • Development of practical guidelines for the media, journalists and children’s rights units on the communication of cases, ethical principles and the importance of cooperation;
  • The development of new standards for reporting cases of violence against children, including legislation, new policies and standards, together with the media for a better protection of the interests and the rights of children in the media as well as the promotion of the rights of the child.

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