Open Forum: “Promotion Of Young Mp Candidates In The Parliamentary Elections 2009”

Open Forum: “Promotion Of Young Mp Candidates In The Parliamentary Elections 2009”

Tirana, 12 June 2009 – The Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania in cooperation with the Albanian Coalition for Promotion of Women, Youth and Minorities in Politics, a network of civil society organisations working for women, youth, children and human rights, organised this morning the Open Forum “Promotion of Young MP candidates in the parliamentary elections 2009”. The Forum is supported by Olof Palme International Centre and SIDA.

The aim of the forum was to promote the Young MP candidates in the forthcoming elections in Albania from all political spectrums to the civil society and general public, by providing them with an opportunity to present their political platforms, ideas and aims as next MP’s in the Albanian Parliament.

“We are very pleased to have such a notable number of young candidates in the electoral lists” – said Mr. Altin Hazizaj, Director of CRCA/DCI Albania and moderator of the forum – “Although the results this will be a positive experience for these young”

Special guest of the event was Mrs. Tugba Kalafatoglu from the organisation “Vote for Women” , who has worked as a political adviser to several US presidential elections, including the current USA President.

The Forum was attended by young candidates from almost all political parties in Albania such as PS, PDI, PSD, PDS, LZHK, PAD, and representatives of civil society in Albania, media, foreign embassies and organisations.

At the forum, apart from the presentation of young candidates’ political platforms and programmes, the participants debated together on the education, employement, social and health services for young people
and above all how the candidates would progress the young’s role in politics and society.

The young candidates, members of the discussion panel, focused their attention on the actions that they will implement of elected as members of the Albanian Parliament. Among the major actions were legislation improvement on professional education and employment of young people, strengthening of public policies for employment of young people especially for these in need, the reformation of the schemes of social protection; etc. 

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