Equality Of Women In Politics Is Not For Sale!

Equality Of Women In Politics Is Not For Sale!

Tiranë, 8 March 2013- We, the representatives of the Coalition for the Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics, representatives of civil society in Albania who work for gender equality, representatives of political parties and youth and women from all over Albania, are here today in this Manifestation to protest against the decision of the Central Election Committee to penalize the elective subject only by finning them and not demanding form the leading political forces the strict implementation of the gender quota.

As in the new Electoral Code, in regard to the latest edition, to impose to every political force that in their list of candidates there should be 30 % of the least represented gender and in one of the three names a women candidate, it is not compulsive anymore.

The Central Election Committee while approving the guidelines for the documentation that should accompany the list of candidates, has decide that all subjects that do not fulfill the gender quota will be fined for this violation, but their list will be considered valid. The most concerning aspect of this decision is the fact that this institution has accepted the violation the right of women for representation and inclusion in political life in Albania without any reaction or determination. Central Election Committee has a responsibility to demand from the political parties to respect the gender quota and not agree to sale gender equality for 10 million AL. The Central Election Committee has publicly admitted because of the pressure from the two main political forces that any political force needs only to pay 10 million AL and can register any candidate list, regardless if that list complies or not with the gender quota.

Even though the women are the largest population group they remain the least represented genderand the most discriminated in politics and decision making. Men continue to decide for women, while the political forces, which publicly state their engagement for more women in politics, continue to play around with the gender quota issue.

Today is the day that we all protest against this injustice committed to sisters, mothers, friends and women of this country. Women are not and will never be for sale in this country! Political parties should understand that trying to put for sale the gender equality for 10 million is will only lose the voters in the general population.

We the representatives of civil society and NGOs that are present today in this protest will never accept undignified and discriminatory treatment of women and girls of this country. Politics is an issue that concerns all citizens, hence women should take their rightful place in politics and decision making.


  1. Central Election Committee to take all measures to make its public statement and to demand from all political parties that will present list for candidates the reasons for not respecting the gender quota and to see the respect of the Electoral Code;
  2. Political parties that will run for elections in 23 June should strictly comply with the gender quota in the list of candidates in order to fulfill their public engagement for the support of women and girls in politics;

Modern and European Albania cannot be governed from political parties that do not respect the status, values and overall achievements of women in our societies.

We are determined to use all democratic tools of engagement, but as well protest and pressure in order to achieve participation and dignified representation of women in the next parliament and in political decision-making in Albania.

For these purposes we as civil society, as a coalition and network of non-governmental organizations, as free individuals of this country will work to reach our final goal, real gender equality between human beings.

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