Manual "Community Mobilization And Engagement For Accountability Of The Decision-makers" Published

Manual "Community Mobilization And Engagement For Accountability Of The Decision-makers" Published

Tirana, February 12, 2012 – Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA) has recently published the Manual "Community Mobilization and Engagement for the Accountability of the Decision-makers".

Mr. Altin Hazizaj, General Director of CRCA, says: “the Manual will directly serve to the organizations and civil society activists groups, which are involved in terms of citizen’s participation in decision-making. But would also be a good source of information for all citizens, institutions, stakeholders and interested groups.

This manual aims to address the need to clarify, strengthen and give equal opportunities to every citizen. The Manual also provides tools and techniques that enable the engagement and mobilization of local communities to influence on local policies and to monitor and require accountability by decision-makers.

“The manual focuses on social mobilization and civic engagement, because they are the ways by which is channeled the involvement of citizens in political decision-making” said Ms. Etleva Bisha, the expert that worked for the preparation of the Manual.

The preparation of this manual is the product of a qualitative study based on publications in the field of participatory democracy, and existing practices to identify the mechanisms used to make possible the participation of communities in decision-making.

The manual comprises three parts: Participation in local decision-making; Community rights and responsibilities of local authorities and Social Mobilization; The model of Inclusion and impact on local policies; and parts of Law on the Organization and Functioning of Local Government as an Annex.

This manual is prepared under the framework of the CRCA programme "Tirana: My City My Voice", funded by Olof Palme International Center and SIDA.

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