Youth in Peshkopi to participate in decision-making and influence youth policies

Youth in Peshkopi to participate in decision-making and influence youth policies

200 high school students in Peshkopi, will advocate and monitor local government for the implementation of drafted youth policies

Peshkopi, June 5, 2019 – In the framework of the initiative "Champions of Youth Rights - Peshkopi”, CRCA / ECPAT Albania, with the support of the British Embassy and UNDP office in Albania, ​​held in Peshkopi an introduction meeting with the authorities and youth. The initiative aims to strengthen the capacities of 200 high school students to monitor and advocate for better youth policies and youth participation at local level.

Young people from high schools, representatives of local government, civil society organizations, youth activists discussed during the meeting important issues such as poverty, education, the future of young people in Peshkopi, as well as employment or emigration, which is a phenomenon that has deeply affected young people and Youth in the Dibër region with the support of CRCA / ECPAT Albania, UNDP and the British Embassy, in cooperation with the Education Authority and the Municipality will organise among others Peshkopi Youth Parliament. The initiative will enable at least 200 young people from all over the region to participate in the preparation of the Local Action Youth Plan, will create a unique opportunity for young people to voice their concerns, and through their empowerment, dialogue and participation propose local policies.

The "Champions for the Rights of Young People in Peshkopi” initiative supported and funded by UNDP and  the British Embassy in Albania will be implemented in Peshkopi during 2019 by CRCA / ECPAT Albania in the framework of the program "Support for Employment and Social Services for vulnerable Youth and Women in northern Albania ", in partnership with the local partner “Dituria është Progres”.

The initiative aims to influence local youth policies in Peshkopi by empowering young high school students to fully exercise their right to freedom of expression, participation and information by enhancing dialogue between youth and local government. The "Champions for Youth Rights” will be implemented in close cooperation with the DAR Dibër, the Municipality of Peshkopia, and civil society organizations. 

CRCA / ECPAT Albania has been working since 1997 to promote respect for the rights of children, youth, women and minorities to develop their rights to increase participation at national and local levels through lobbying and advocacy, policies and legislation, capacity building, information and research, and the creation of good models of services for the care and protection of children, youth, women and minorities.

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