Tirana Youth Parliament holds its first elections

Tirana Youth Parliament holds its first elections

Over 18,000 students of Tirana high schools now represented in their parliamentary committees.

Tirana, 30 April 2019 – Tirana Youth Parliament held its first elections through a fully open and democratic process. Based on the principle of voting, one member per vote, the assembly of the Tirana Youth Parliament, consisting of 61 students, of whom 19 boys and 42 girls, representatives of 12 public and private gymnasiums in Tirana chose the Speaker, 2 Vice Presidents and Secretary of PRT. The Chairperson of the Tirana Youth Parliament was elected as the student Kejsi Shehu, in front of the other 6 candidates.

Tirana Youth Parliament is structured based on the model of the Albanian Parliament and has its composition and 8 commissions as follows: the Education Commission; The Youth and Youth Policy Commission; The Media Commission; The Children's Rights Commission; The Commission on Cultural, Social and Artistic Affairs; The Health Commission; The Commission for Protection from Violence and Discrimination and the Commission for Innovation and Security on the Internet. PRT, chose the members of all commissions as well as their chairmen. Commissions consist of 5 members.

Tirana Youth Parliament is the network of students representing the high schools of the capital. Young people, aged 14 to 17, gathered in this structure, which they run by themselves, believe that strengthening the capacity of young people, their participation and representation in decision making and policy making are among the criteria key and most essential for a stronger democracy. The young people and high school students have been able to identify the main problems they face and hinder the advancement of their rights in Tirana.

Tirana Youth Parliament aims to create a supportive climate for students in any public and professional secondary school in the capital, having functional structures through which they feel empowered and able to share and resolve their concerns.

Parliament also works to empower not only its membership but also all high school students in Tirana in their participation in decision-making and policy making in education as a school subject, as well as in various governing institutions such as the Municipality, the Government the Assembly.

For more information, please contact us at the email address: info@crca.al

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