President does not Support the Law on Youth!

President does not Support the Law on Youth!

On Youth Day in Albania, the Government and the Parliament are again in a situation of non-compliance with the Constitution!

Tirana, 9 December 2019 - The Office of the Albanian President announced that it has not supported the Law on Youth! The rejection comes on a symbolic day, which coincides with Youth Day, delivering a strong message to the Government and the Parliament, stating that the current state of the Law on Youth is in clear opposition to the Constitution.

The President of Albania also responded legally to the request that CRCA / ECPAT Albania and the Albanian National Youth Network had addressed about a month ago, in order not to support the Law on Youth. This law, at its inception, presented deep legal problems and, did not comply with the demands and expectations of young people.

The Law on Youth, in the version approved by the Parliament, places under the control of the Government, the Minister of Education and the Mayors the organizations and the youth movement. It is in complete contravention of basic human rights standards, protected and guaranteed by the Albanian Constitution, as well as the principal acts of the UN and the Council of Europe. The law has a serious lack of "checks and balances" between public authorities, the rights and responsibilities they enjoy, and young people who are beneficiaries and accountants of the institutions that work for them.

CRCA / ECPAT Albania and the National Youth Network of Albania (ANYN) are the only organizations that have followed the entire process of discussion and approval of the draft law step by step. Although we have been demanding for its review and serious improvement for months, the Albanian Parliament approved it on November 4, 2019 with 79 votes, in complete absence of opposition.

CRCA / ECPAT Albania, remains hopeful that the President's non-approval of this Law will serve as a reflection on the situation on the part of the Government and the Parliament to sit down with Youth Organizations that have been critical, and find a consensual solution that above all respects the rights of young people in Albania!


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