Director of CRCA Albania meets Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader at the U.S House of Representatives

Director of CRCA Albania meets Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Leader at the U.S House of Representatives

16 April 2015 Washington, DC - The General Director of CRCA Albania, Mr. Altin Hazizaj, met today at noon Democratic Leader of the U.S House of Representatives and former Speaker of the House, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi. The meeting was organized in the framework of CRCA Albania’s participation at the Spring Meetings 2015 of the World Bank Group in Washington DC. The aim of the meeting was to inform the Democratic Leader about the situation of gender equality, marginalized groups and LGBT communities in different countries of the world, including Albania.

Mr. Hazizaj at the meeting presented to Mrs. Pelosi the difficult situation in which marginalized groups live in Albania, especially women and girls, LGBT young men and women and stressed why it is very important to draw attention and ensure support towards the inclusion of these communities in the World Banks policies and projects. Furthermore, Mr. Hazizaj said that "It is important that every project the World Bank funds in Albania, where the United States is a major contributor, carries out consultations with the participation of these communities and minimizes the negative impact they may cause. The World Bank's currently does not put at the center of its policies gender equality or the respect of all other groups, therefore it is paramount that this reality changes.

For more than a year, the World Bank has begun reviewing its Safeguard Policies regarding environment and social protection. The current safeguards do not protect the most vulnerable groups of society especially those who are victims of discrimination and social exclusion. Thanks to the cooperation of the Human Rights House in Albania, CRCA and Pink Embassy with the Bank Information Centre – BIC, CRCA has been actively involved since the beginning of the process, being among the leading organizations to raise its voice for injustice.

Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, one of the most popular politicians in America, Speaker of the US Congress in the years 2007-2011, among other things said that "it is a pleasure to welcome such a diverse group from all around the world and that see the US as a partner and country that can influence and tackle the problem. With your permission, I will call a meeting with representatives of the World Bank to make sure they understand what is expected from them and what communities in need from around the world expect from the Bank”.

President Barack Obama called Speaker Pelosi “an extraordinary leader for the American people.” She has been one of the most prominent women in the American panorama, which has fought hard to strengthen the middle class and for the advancement of women’s and human rights in the country. The Spring Meeting 2015 are held by the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and are closely followed by the staff of the two institutions, civil society representatives, various government officials, academia, etc. They serve as a platform to exchange ideas and foster dialogue on a number of topics. The main aim of these meetings is to advocate and raise awareness of state parties of the WB on improvement of the Bank’s safeguard policies with a special emphasis on women and children.

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