Children across Albania write to CRCA about their Earthquake experiences

Children across Albania write to CRCA about their Earthquake experiences

Arbër and his fairytale: "The Tree and the Earthquake"

Tirana, 3 December 2019 - Psychosocial support groups organised by CRCA / ECPAT Albania, who have been working for several days withinthe camps that were opened after the earthquake across several  urban centres, share another child story and his impressions from the earthquake. The experience comes in the form of a spoken fairytale of a 7-year-old child who through his innocence embraces the grave situation created by the 26 November earthquake. Children have found different ways to cope with the situation and while CRCA staff visits them in camps they share with them their stories, such as this one too.

The boy’s name is Arbër and he is in the first grade at school. After the earthquake his family left the apartment for a few hours but when they came back, they found their house wasn’t damaged. Arbër continues to reside in Durrës.

The day after the earthquake, Arbër created a fairytale and dedicated it to his friends who lost their homes. He asked his parents to share the meaningful story on their cell phones of his classmates' parents so he could give some strength, determination and hope to his friends.

The voice you will hear below is the voice of Arbër,who has told the fairytale itself. The voice of this child comes as a “slap"to reality and the reasons why Albania and its people are suffering today. Below you will find the written story, which was sent to us in audio form:

"The Tree and the Earthquake"

As always, the earthquake was ruining homes and houses. One day it saw a tree and the earthquake thought:

- I'm going to destroy this tree!

The tree got news of the intentions of the earthquake so when it got struck, itwas prepared.

The earthquake tried and tried but could not destroy the tree. The tired earthquake decided to come next day. The villagers had seen how the earthquake did not destroy the tree. They gathered and planted trees around their houses. When the earthquake came and tried to destroy the houses, it couldn't!

The earthquake asked the tree:

- "Why can't I destroy the homes anymore?"

- "Because they have planted trees and we have roots. Our roots are firmly planted deep inside the land. The earthquake tried and tried but still did not destroy them, for the roots were so firmly entrenched that the earthquake could not destroy them.


The written narrative preserves the original version of the child speaking in audio rather than the linguistic one.

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