Art and Cultural Activity "With the kids for the kids''

Art and Cultural Activity "With the kids for the kids''

"With the kids for the kids,'' at the Institute of Minors, Kavaja

Kavaja, April 11, 2012 – Children-s Human Rights Center Albania - CRCA / DCI Albania, organized in the area of the Institute of Re-integration for Minors in Kavaja an artistic activity titled "With the kids for the kids" with the participation of the known group "KRIPTMJALTZAT", directed by the actor Leonard BOMBAJ.

The event took place from 10.30 a.m. 14.00 p.m., within the program "Support Minors of Kavaja Institute" in cooperation with the General Directorate of Prisons, Institute of Minors in Kavaja and with the support of Save the Children Albania and UNICEF.

The purpose of this activity was to facilitate the coexistence and re-integration of juveniles in the institution, through activities with peers as well as entertainment by offering a somehow different day.

Important part of the activity was the participation of "Alexander Xhuvani" university students, Elbasan, the Department of Social Work, who, in the context of a volunteering campaign, collected 30 thousand lek, and the income was spent on buying games of entertainment for the juveniles of this institution.

The event was greeted by:

  • Mr. Xhevat HYLVIU -Director of Juvenile Reintegration Institute Kavaja
  • Mrs.Myfarete Laze - General Directorate of Prisons
  • Mr.Leonard BOMBAJ-Kripmjaltezat Group Director
  • Miss.Elona Kapllani- Juvenile Justice Manager CRCA / DCI Albania
  • Mrs.Zyri Bedalla-A.Xhuvani University professor, Elbasan,

In this event participated 41 minors from the Institution,  Kripmjaltëzat artistic group, 50 students of Alexander Xhuvani University, staff of the institution, staff of CRCA / DCI Albania and national and regional television, Klan, Vizion Plus, Kavaja TV, which reflected the cultural activity for minors in the Minors Institute of Kavaja.

Activity focused on all participants to visit the premises of the institution, Kripmjaltëzat group performance titled "Junior Club" and activities prepared by the artistic group of minors of the institution.

At the end of the activity all participants danced together, shared conversations and showed interest to organize more like cultural activities as a facilitating re-integration option after leaving the institution.

Messages given on this day by all participants, emphasized again the importance of activities with peers, away from prejudice and discrimination for this target group and support after leaving the institution.

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