Albanian youth dialogue about justice, education and their participation in decision making!

Albanian youth dialogue about justice, education and their participation in decision making!

5th National Forum "Youth in Albania" addresses the most concerning issues of young people in Albania

Tirana, 18 December 2019 - In the framework of National Youth Day in Albania, the Youth Resource Centre in Albania (YRCA) and the Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN) in cooperation and with the support of CRCA / ECPAT Albania, Child and Youth Policy Hub Albania and the Albanian Coalition for Education (ACE) organized the National Forum on Justice, Education and Youth Participation.

The forum is an annual national platform of dialogue between young people, lawmakers and policymakers on the most concerning issues and problems facing young people in Albania. For 2019 there were three core issues: Youth Justice; Education of adolescents and youth; Youth participation in decision making.

The CRCA and ANYN's "Youth in Albania 2019" report identified some of the key challenges facing young people and women in the country and the factors that influence the situation of youth. Youth crime in 2019 amounted to 38% of the total criminal offenses committed in Albania. Meanwhile, the Global Index of the Right to Education, presented today at the roundtable by the national coordinator of the Albanian Coalition for Education, showed that Albania is far from realizing the right to quality education for children and young people.

The National Forum "Youth in Albania" is the largest platform of debate and discussion on youth issues, organized for the past 5 years by CRCA Albania, National Network for Youth and Albanian Coalition for Education. Last year, the Forum was the only one to facilitate a debate between protesting students and the Minister of Education, before the Government began to take their demands on the state of higher education in Albania seriously. The recommendations of the Forum serve to improve youth policies and programs throughout Albania.

Part of the Forum is the Youth Organizations Fair in Albania, which is a presentation of the excellent work that young people do for young people themselves. It also serves to create bridges of cooperation and sharing of experiences between youth organizations in Albania, young people, donors, public institutions and the general public.

At the event, CRCA / ECPAT Albania and ANYN also awarded Certificates of Appreciation to activists, decision makers and journalists who, throughout 2019, have been the voice and image of their efforts and work for young people.

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