89% of young people declare that the municipalities are not friendly to them!

89% of young people declare that the municipalities are not friendly to them!

National Survey "Youth in Albania 2019": 80% of young people view unemployment as their main problem!

Tirana, May 6, 2019 - The National Survey "Youth in Albania 2019", presented at the 1st National Youth Summit, just two months before the local elections in Albania, brings a gloomy reality regarding youth issues in the country. The poll ahead of June 2019 brings facts to which political parties, as well as local elected candidates should reflect.

In the National Survey, young people in Albania have expressed, to a large extent, about 89%, that they find no friendly environment or somehow in all the cities not only to address their problems but also to solve. They express a low level of credibility and trust in local institutions, at the national level it turns out that about 57% of young people value with 0 (zero) points the work of the municipalities in terms of youth issues and rights.

Data suggests that about 80% of young people in Albania are unemployment, while the other problem poverty is experienced by about 55% of the group.

A key focus of the Survey is also the credibility of youth in all political parties and their desire to exercise the right to vote in the June 30, 2019 local elections. About 62% of young people have expressed no belief in any political parties, and their lack of willingness to address problems and to cooperate with young people.

Over 50% of young people will not vote in the 2019 local elections, as they have no faith in any party or political program, nor did any of them hope to change, forcing young people to leave Albania. Also, about 84% of young people say that political parties are not at all or very open to solving the problems of young people in the country, saying that only 35% of political parties consult with young people during their electoral campaigns.

When asked in the National Survey, which institution is responsible for solving their problems, they have defined the municipalities at the local level as well as at the national level they have been responsible for the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth. The youth budget has occupied another space in the National Survey, "Youth in Albania 2019". About 73% of young people say youth budgets in their municipalities are insufficient to solve their problems. While the state budget for youth so far is estimated to be insufficient at 65% of young people.

The National Survey "Youth in Albania 2019" was prepared by the Albanian National Youth Network - ANYN, the Child and Youth Policy Hub, CRCA / ECPAT Albania, with the support of the Albanian Coalition for Education - ACE. The main purpose of this survey was to identify youth problems throughout Albania, focusing both on local and national issues, including the role of political parties in the elections. The survey also aimed at consulting young people side by side with Albania for the solutions they think. It was implemented through a mixed methodology by holding consultative meetings in Albania's 12 regions and by completing an online questionnaire, involving a total of 1210 young people and.

The National Survey will serve as a good database to support the priorities of the National Youth Agenda 2019 -2025. As well as the National Action Plan for Youth and Local Policies for them in each municipality of the country.

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