60% of children and youth in Albania are victims of online bullying

60% of children and youth in Albania are victims of online bullying

International Cyber Bullying Day finds Albania still far from European Countries for Legal Protection and Endangered Services

Tirana, June 21, 2019 - The International Cyber Bullying Day presents for Albania, still worrying statistics about the situation of children and young people. The National Platform data www.ISIGURT.AL shows that around 60% of the children and teenagers who have denounced, claim to be threatened by bullying online.

The number of children and youth who are threatened by cyberbullying, identity theft, sexual harassment and sexual violence is growing year-on-year. Through 2016-2018, over 300 cases of children and young people have been denounced near the platform, of which around 62% have been cyberbullied. The same situation is also noted in 2019, where from January to June 2019, out of 35 reported cases, 60% of them are related to hate speech, threats and blackmail online.

According to the 1st National Report on the Safety of Children and Young People online "Crime Without Punishment", the two main platforms of child and adolescent complaints of violence, bullying, abuse or theft of the profile are Youtube 33% and Instagram 43%.

The lack of legal provisions and regulations in the Criminal Code makes it very difficult to protect online children and young people. On the International Cyberbullying Day, CRCA / ECPAT Albania, continues to raise its main concern. The Albanian Parliament should adopt all the proposals and changes that CRCA has made since 2016 as soon as possible.

The International Cyberbullying Day serves as a moment to make the public aware of the consequences of using the Internet in an unsafe way. According to the Cyberbullying Organization, about 34% of teens have been cyberbullied, while 15% admit to bullying others.

On this day, our main call for children, young people and every internet user is; REPORT EVERY INCIDENT to the National Platform www.ISIGURT.AL

CRCA / ECPAT Albania is the only national organization specialized in secure internet affairs, since October 2018 has opened the National Internet Security Center, a specialized crime tracking and investigation unit in the virtual world, and how they impact on the general security of the country and the society.

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