50 thousand minors are exploited for child labour

50 thousand minors are exploited for child labour

Albanian National Television KLAN, refers to CRCA / ECPAT Albania data, to raise concerns on the situation of child labour and child exploitation.

The TV, in a special report on the exploitation of children at work across Albania, has brought with a loud voice the seriousness of the situation. The journalist Erikelda Dorezi also conducted an interview with the Director of CRCA / ECPAT Albania, Altin Hazizaj, who stressed the fact that "In Albania child labour doesn’t know age, while our Labour Code does not even foresee domestic child labour." The special report of KLAN TV introduces us to the history of a child working in agriculture with his family.

To watch this video in Albanian, follow the link: https://tvklan.al/50-mije-te-mitur-shfrytezohen-ne-pune/

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