The 1st National Youth Summit makes Albania part of the European Youth Week

The 1st National Youth Summit makes Albania part of the European Youth Week

Young people in Albania have little or no faith in political parties to solve their problems

Tirana, 3 May 2019 - Albania today hosted the 1st National Youth Summit. The Summit is organized by the Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN) as the leading youth network nationwide, in cooperation with the Child and Youth Policy Hub Albania and the National Student Alliance - AKS, with the support of CRCA / ECPAT Albania and the Albanian Coalition for Education - ACE and UNFPA Albania, Global Campaign for Education (GCE), Ministry of Culture, National History Museum.

The Summit had its central topic "New Perspectives for Youth Participation and Empowerment". it brought together young people in the 12 districts of the country, government representatives, EU ambassadors and civil society representatives who discussed the problems and solutions that young people require in Albania at central and local levels.

At the start of the Summit, the Director of CRCA / ECPAT Albania, Altin Hazizaj, highlighted that "Young people have all the space to take the lead in everything that has to do with their development in Albania, and that it is the time to be organized and to realize the visions of young people! "

The Summit took place almost two months before the local elections, at a time when political parties have not yet published their electoral programs for youth. Also, the Albanian Government plans to revise the Youth Vital Plan in Albania.

During the Summit, the main findings of the National Youth Survey "Youth 2019" were also published, which helped inter alia in drafting the National Youth Agenda 2019-2023 and in the Second National Report "Young People in Albania 2019".

The National Survey once again revealed the fact that political parties narrow the spaces of youth participation in political life. For this situation, the Director of CRCA / ECPAT Albania, Altin Hazizaj, stressed that: "This Summit is a public statement for all political parties in Albania to create as much space for young people as possible to be those who to decide on their affairs! "

The National Agenda is the fruit of a wide-ranging consultation process with young people in 12 districts of the country, as well as through an online survey.

The agenda seeks to influence political party programs in the foreseen local elections in June 2019 and to improve local and national youth policies in Albania, including the drafting of the National Action Plan for Youth in Albania after 2020. Also, the Agenda will be a leading document to influence all laws, budgets, programs and activities for young people throughout Albania.

Ambassadors of Youth, who come from different professions and fields, such as media, civil society, art, culture, politics, etc., play an important role in this first national event. They have undertaken over the next two years to promote the cause of youth wherever they work and contribute.

The Summit will be organized every two years. This year it coincided with the European Youth Week 2019, organized by the European Commission, Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture, in close partnership with the European Parliament. The Youth Summit is registered on the European Youth Week calendar at the European Youth Portal, where more than 100 activities across Europe are registered and are scheduled to be organized from 29 April to 5 May 2019.

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