A new leading team for the Albanian National Youth Network

A new leading team for the Albanian National Youth Network

The ANYN General Assembly elected 6 new organizations to be part of the Steering Committee

Tirana, 22th may 2018 – The Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN), gathered its general Assembly. Fifty organizations and political youth forums took place from all over Albania. Ms. Ervjola Osmanaj was elected as the president of the network. In the steering committee are elected 6 new organizations that operate for youth in the country. 

At the same time with elections of the steering committee the participants of youth political forums have discuss some of the essential priorities that Albanian National Youth Network has addressed since 2015, through the national youth contract and youth resolution in Albanian Assembly

Among these priorities, the most important were as follow:

Drafting of a law for youth in Albania in order to create an institutional mechanism to support youth on drafting of political policy that address the right of local and national services to benefit and develop them.

Increase the youth participation representation in decision-making in the 2019 local elections.

Establishing the unique youth card for all young people in pre- university education and public university, which include facilities and different services for young people in all the country.

Encourage open and transparent processes for designing, channelling and implementing a youth budget at central and local level with all youth organizations, youth forums and pupils.

Opening the consultation process to review, the Higher Education Law and the State Matura issue with various interest groups, particularly graduate students.

Opening of youth and multifunctional centre, new libraries accessible for all young people in every city and following of the monitoring of the National Action Plan for youth in 2015-2020.

The Albanian National Youth Network (ANYN), is the largest youth network, composed by youth political forums and groups of youth organizations of civil society in local and national level. Established in 2015, as continued of Tirana’s Youth Leadership  (established in 2012). They come together under this group to consult and undertake joint actions and initiatives in the interest of all young people regardless of the political, economic, social, or clustering beliefs, they are part of this.

For furthermore information, please contact Ms. Ervjola Osmanaj e-mail ervjola.osmanaj@crca.al

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