Gender and minorities’ quota to be included in the Constitution of Albania

Gender and minorities’ quota to be included in the Constitution of Albania

Tirana, 03. 11. 2015 – Albanian Coalition for Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics and Human Rights House Albania (HRH), continuing the work of several years to establish and implement a gender quota in the Electoral Code, have requested recently the inclusion of this quota and the quota for minorities in the Constitution of Albania.

As part of the justice reform, one of the most important reforms, the Coalition and the House, have recently sent to the Parliamentary Committee on Justice Reform a comprehensive set of proposals for legislative changes in the Constitution of the Republic of Albania. These proposals came after analysis that the experts of the Coalition and HRH made to the project/law "On Amendments to the Law nr. 8417, date 21.10.1998, the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, as amended”.

Submitted Proposals give solution one of the most important issues in one democratic country, that is the participation and representation of women and minorities in the political and decision-making processes of the country.

In this regard, it is proposed that the constitution include the notion of critical minimum quotas of 30% for the less represented gender and at the same time, for the first time, is proposed the inclusion of a modern concept that has been successfully implemented in many countries, including Kosovo, the participation of minorities in parliamentary life through a certain number of representatives.

Practical and technical solutions should be treated and found in the upcoming Election Code, but if we achieve to put both these concepts in the Constitution, we have the guarantee that democracy, participation and representation of these groups serve the country's development and empowerment of our society with new concepts of tolerance and respect for human rights.

Also, the Coalition and HRH representatives, met and made present their proposals to the Venice Commission’s experts who are reviewing the project/laws submitted for constitutional amendments in Albania.

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