“Women of the Year 2015” Winners announced

“Women of the Year 2015” Winners announced

Tirana, 13 January 2015 – The Coalition for Women and Youth in Politics in collaboration with the Human Rights House in Albania / CRCA Albania, supported by Olof Palme International Centre, shared publicly today, the National Awards "Woman of the Year 2015" in Albania.

Woman of the Year 2015 in Politicswent to Ms. Grida Duma, Public Relations’ Coordinator for the Democratic Party(1,743 votes or 39 % of 4431 votes cast for women in politics), Woman of the Year 2015 in Media went to Ms. Eni Çobani, Arbitration Lawyer – Speaker of 'See you in court' programme at KlanTelevision (697votes or 23 % of 3002 votes cast for women in media), Woman of the Year 2015 in Civil Societywent to Ms. Flutura Xhabija, President ofthe Albanian National Association for professional, business and crafts' women(753 votes or 24 % of 3059 votes cast for women in civil society).

This initiative, launched for the first time in 2014, aims to empower women and girls in Albania, which contributes in recognizing and encouraging their efforts, in challenging environments such as politics, media and civil society.

From an analysis of all the data, it results that on the website http://www.crca.al/sq/voto has had 10 492 votes for 28 distinguished ladies. Please find attached the list of votes received by each candidate.

The voting phase was preceded by the phase of online nomination of women and girls who have made their contribution during 2015 in our country, in three categories: Woman of the Year 2015 in Politics; Woman of the Year 2015 in Media ; Woman of the Year 2015 in Civil Society. This stage lasted four weeks and resulted in about 52 applications with 37 names, nominated in the three categories. The Category Woman of the Year 2015 in Civil Society had the highest number of nominations with 13 names, followed by the two others categories with 12 names each of them. After a preliminary calculation of number of times each candidate was nominated were selected 10 candidates in the category of Media, and 9 candidates for each of the categories of Civil Society and Politics to continue the race of online voting.

Later on, the selected proposals were voted online by the general public for a period of three weeks.

This National Award aims to serve also as an encouragement for women and girls to support and motivate other women and girls, in the years to come, who wish to work in politics, civil society and media. 

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