On the International Day on the Rights of the Child, CRCA/ECPAT Albania announced the winners of this unique national award for the following categories: Institutions, Politicians, Civil Society and Business sector.

Tirana 20 November 2020 - CRCA/ECPAT Albania, publicly announced this morning the winners of the National Award for the Rights of the Child 2020, which praises the institutions, politicians, non-governmental organizations and business sector, who in their work have contributed to the protection, care and advancement of children's rights in Albania.

The National Award for the Rights of the Child is a recognition that CRCA/ECPAT Albania, the oldest child rights organization in the country, awards to persons, institutions or organizations, which during 2020 have supported, assisted or organized initiatives, actions or activities that have led to better protection or advancement of children's rights in Albania.


The winners of the National Award by categories are:


Public Institution:      - The Ministry of Health and Social Protection, for its contribution to the management of health and social crisis caused by the November 26 Earthquake in Albania and in particular for the coordination of social and child protection services for affected and injured children from the earthquake.


Politicians:                 - The President of the Republic, Mr. Ilir Meta, for strongly supporting and promoting the National Movement #NEJEMI1 (#WEARE1) against child sexual abuse and exploitation in Albania;

- Mrs. Elona Gjebrea, Member of the Albanian Parliamentand President of the Alliance of Women MPs, for the unlimited support given to the young girls participating in the 1st and 2nd Girls' Summit in Albania;


Meanwhile, CRCA/ECPAT Albania, decided to award three Recognition Certificates to the following MPs: Mrs. Vasilika Hysi, Mrs. Rudina Hajdari and Mrs. Eglantina Gjermeni, for the creation of spaces in the Albanian Parliament for the participation of children, youth and civil society in the legislative process.


CSOs:                          - Save the Children in Albania, for establishing effective models for the participation of children and adolescents in decision-making and their empowerment to contribute to policies at local and national level;

                                     - The National Order of Psychologists of Albania, for the voluntary, well-organised, uninterrupted and professional psychological services in support of children traumatized by the earthquake of 26 November 2019, as well as their decision to stop conversion therapies towards LGBTI adolescents and young people in Albania;


Business sector:          - Mobile Telephony Company "ONE"(former Telekom Albania) for their direct support of children during the period of school closures because of Covid and especially survivors of sexual violence with tablets and free internet to facilitate their attendance of online education.



The awarding ceremony for the winners of the National Award for the Rights of the Child takes place usually in the middle of December at a Gala Event in support of the child rights causes. However, due to the restrictions imposed because of Covid, the ceremony this year will be conducted modestly and in compliance with all rules set by the institutions.

The National Award for the Rights of the Child was awarded for the first time in 2014. The National Award for the Rights of the Child of CRCA/ECPAT Albania aims to highlight and strengthen the good will and the mission of all those who work and are dedicated every day to protection, care and advancement of children's rights, by appreciating their professionalism, humanism or development of new methods or initiatives for children in Albania.

It is the tradition of the Award to announce the winners without notifying them in advance. We wish them even greater success in terms of protecting, caring for or promoting respect for children's rights in Albania.


Tirana, 20 November 2020

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