CRCA/ECPAT Albania in the media focus during February 2021

CRCA/ECPAT Albania in the media focus during February 2021

February, as every year, it is focused on one of the most important global events in terms of child and adolescent protection: Safer Internet Day.

On this day, the National Platform ISIGURT.AL, Albanian National Safer Internet Centre and CRCA/ECPAT Albania, made public, for the third year in a row, the National Report on the Internet incidents encountered by children and youth in Albania, reported on the National Platform www.ISIGURT.AL

National Hotline ISIGURT.AL: 40% of reported child pornography pages contain images of Albanian children

The 3rd National Report "Raped on Internet: The Internet Industry and protection of Children and Adolescents in Albania!" provides a detailed critical situation of violence and sexual exploitation, bullying, threats, blackmail and persecution that children and adolescents face in their daily life online, which during year 2020 coincided with the mass lockdowns due to the Covid-19.

Albanian media shared widely the data and the findings of the Report, which was widely also covered on national media platforms and broadcasted across many national TV channels. Below are some of the key links on the news from several media sources:

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