Prime Minister Rama - return our children back to Albania!

Prime Minister Rama - return our children back to Albania!


To: Mr. Edi Rama

Prime Minister of Albania


Dear Mr. Rama,

I appeal to you with this open public letter to request the immediate return of all Albanian children who are in and suffering in the notorious Syrian camps. According to unconfirmed information’s, there are about 50 Albanian children and juveniles who have been or have been born in the ISIS camps for years and who have become part of the armed conflict in Syria out of their wish.

No child is born to fight! No child is responsible for the crimes of his parents!

Dear Mr. Prime-Minister,

I am addressing you with this open letter to express the concerns of the Child Rights Centre Albania (CRCA), the oldest child rights organization in the country, but also my personal one, that no Albanian child should be a victim of fighting in Syria!

That is why we ask for your commitment as Prime-Minister, but also as the father of two children: Would you not have gone to the end of the world to find your children and bring them home? All of us, parents affected by this conflict, ordinary citizens or activists committed to protecting the rights of children, today have a call for you and your Government: BRING OUR CHILDREN BACK HOME!

Alvin Berisha, an 11 years old child living in one of the northern Syrian Camps. We don’t know if he is still alive! His life is in your hands! Like Alvin there are dozens of Albanian children waiting for their Government to save them from certain death! We look forward to returning to their homes of Eva, Endri, Fatima, Esmas, Belkize, Suejdi, and all the children currently living in camps in Syria.

Dear Prime-Minister, CRCA/ECPAT Albania, requires to you to urgently launch all procedures for locating, protecting and returning back home all the Albanian children victims of this armed conflict! The Albanian Government and you personally have a proven friendship with the leaders of the Turkish state, so we ask you today publicly: do not let this friendship look as beautiful as the next photo! Use it to save lives! Your strength must not stop until the last child has returned to Albania!



Altin Hazizaj

Executive Director


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