Revealing the potential of Roma children in Albania

Revealing the potential of Roma children in Albania

Tirana 8 April, 2017- The International Roma Day in Albania is marked with the opening of the children’s exhibition called “My teacher and I”. This is part of the “Every Roma child in kindergarten’ supported by UNICEF and implemented by CRCA Albania, Child Observatory and YWCA. The initiative has been supported during the last three years from Swiss Development Cooperation and Austrian Development Agency.

The exhibition “My teacher and I” displays the artistic efforts of the Romani children attending two kindergartens in Tirana with the aim to improve awareness to the public on Roma children’s rights, using the power of art to communicate. More than 120 Roma and non-Roma children attended art and photography classes assisted by educators and the staff of the initiative. Through their learning many of the talented Roma children have captured beautiful moments of their lives with their teachers and other children in kindergarten. Meanwhile, other children have used their skills of drawing to describe their lives through colours.

The joint initiative “Every Roma child in kindergarten” implemented by CRCA, Young Christian Women’s Association and the Observatory of Children’s Rights aims to build and support local networks in the early childhood education and the integration of the Roma children in the preschool education system. It also pays special attention to the registration in kindergartens of 3- 6 years old children part of Roma community in Albania.

Within three years of implementation “Every Roma Child in kindergarten” more than 1000 Roma children have been registered in kindergartens and schools across Albania. The initiative has established many successful models for the integration of Roma children in public education and public services, at local and national level. The initiative seeks to empower the partnership between civil society and public institution, decision- makers (central and local) with the purpose that early childhood education system is accessible by all children.

The exhibition followed with an open discussion between representatives of public institutions, civil society and education authorities, on the importance to provide support for early childhood education. 

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