The qark of Elbasan and its public institutions commit to engage for every roma child in kindergarten

The qark of Elbasan and its public institutions commit to engage for every roma child in kindergarten

Elbasan, 19 February 2014– The Children Human Rights Centre of Albania - CRCA in collaboration with the Qark of Elbasan organized the Workshop "Every Roma child in the kindergarten". This workshop was intended to bring together key stakeholders of the district of Elbasan, to discuss solutions and recommendations that affect the improvement of the living conditions and the integration of Roma children in preschool education.

The UNICEF and CRCA Albania initiative "Every Roma child in the kindergarten" supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Austrian Cooperation for Development, aims to establish and support local networks in early childhood issues and the integration of Roma children in preschool. At this meeting, representatives of public institutions and civil society expressed their commitment to continue working in support of the Roma community and especially for the integration of 3-6 year old children in the kindergarten, and find a solution to the series of problems that need to be addressed in the future.

Mr. Altin Hazizaj, Executive Director of CRCA Albania and moderator of the meeting, in his speech said "We have to coordinate with one another in order to find the solutions for this community. The central government cannot always come from Tirana to solve local solutions. Cities shall support one another in the achievement of results, and in the access to preschool education of Roma children. If we collaborate among each other we will have achievements and successes”.

Blendi Gremi, Director of Education and Social Affairs in Elbasan County Council stressed the importance of the initiative "Every Roma Child in Kindergarten” as an action in unison with the objectives of the technical group set up for Roma issues in the Qark of Elbasan in the framework of the Roma decade.

Mrs. Diamanta Vito, Head of the Policy Development at the Municipality of Elbasan said: “The approach toward the solution of the various problems of the Roma community must be an integrated one. The Municipality of Elbasan has drafted an action plan for this community and has organized various consultative meetings regarding the action plan, participatory budgeting, etc.

Further discussions were focused on some important issues such as the registration of Roma children at the civil registry, the vaccination of Roma children, the attendance rates at the preschool educational system and new services offered by the Roma Community Center to Roma children.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of the main institutions of Elbasan including the Municipality, Child Protection Unit in Elbasan Municapility,Regional Education Office of Elbasan and Education Office of Peqin, Economic Aid Office, Regional Education Directorate, District Council, Public Health Directorate and Social Services, representative of local organizations, media etc.

The Workshop continued with open discussions between the participants focusing on raising the issues that this community face and was concluded with a series of recommendations for addressing the problems Roma children face in the city.

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