New government to have at least 30% women!

New government to have at least 30% women!

Tirana, 1 July 2013 – The Socialist Party and its allies have begun negotiations on the composition of the new government cabinet comprised of the left coalition, which takes office on September of this year, consequently the essential obligation of respecting the law on Gender Equality and international convents which Albanian is part of lays ahead.

So far there is no official news on procedures followed in selecting the new cabinet, therefore no clues on women participation in this decision-making process. Given this lack of transparency and past practices, where women have always been under-represented in government and governance, Coalition for Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics publicly demand the Socialist Party, as the main winning force of parliamentary elections, to respect and implement the 30% participatory gender quota in future government composition.

Law on “Gender Equality” in article 15, paragraph 1 states: “Equal gender representation in all bodies of legislative, executive, judiciary and other public institutions is achieved when: a) a representation of over 30% of each gender is guaranteed, also on the executive level.”    

The main political parties have a long history of non-enforcement of laws on gender equality and not keeping electoral promises. Gender quota was not implemented during the last election, resulting in a small number of women members of the new parliament. The new Albanian Parliament will have 24 MPs women, 17 % of the overall number, which is far from the minimum 30 % gender quota aimed and promised from the political parties.

Following the above, Coalition for Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics, demand from Socialist Party and all political parties of the left coalition: 

  1. To implement the 30% participatory gender quota in the next new government (5 women ministers), mandatory from law on “Gender Equality ” ;
  2. To carry out a democratic and transparent decision-making process in the formation of the future cabinet;
  3. To fulfil their public engagements in supporting women in decision-making processes, through the rule of law and by setting up new standards in achieving gender equality in Albania. 

Coalition for Participation of Women and Youth in Politics expresses its full conviction that the implementation of these demands on law enforcement and women rights, would be a sign of seriousness in keeping promises made during campaigns by these winning political parties and also in demonstrating how much developed and democratic want our country to be. 

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