Towards a national register for the protection of children from sexual crimes

Towards a national register for the protection of children from sexual crimes

Tirana, February 2015 - The Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania in response to the severe events of paedophilia in Albania, today asked the Parliament, the Ministry of Interior and of Justice to establish the National Register for the Protection of Children from Sexual Crimes. The register, based on the example of a series of EU countries, shall be an instrument in the hands of the state to combat paedophilia and protect children from any form of violence and sexual harassment. This initiative is supported by the Canadian Fund in the framework of the Canadian Governments assistance for  the advancement of human rights in the country.

The proposal of CRCA Albania emphasizes the importance of building a new policy toward the prevention of sexual crimes and eliminate any form of sexual violence against children. It seeks to enhance the safety of children and families, requiring from the state to take precautions against all paedophiles living in Albania. In this regard the establishment of the National Register of Sexual Crimes is of fundamental importance to prevent any paedophile working or having access to areas where there are children. It increases the commitment of the state police on monitoring the movement of paedophiles in the neighbourhoods where they live, both inside and outside the country.

Balkan Epidemiological Study on Child Abuse and Neglect (BECAN) in Albania, whose data were presented in January 2013,showed that violence against children is an everyday phenomenon for many children in Albania. According to the study 11 % percent of children in Albania are victims of sexual harassment, and almost 5 % of the children stated that they are victims of sexual violence.

Mr. Altin Hazizaj Executive Director of CRCA Albania said: “At the end of the month we will submit our draft-proposal to the Parliament for approval of the law on the establishment and functioning of the Register. This draft law seeks to bring Albanian legislation a step forward in protecting children from violence and the obligation of state institutions to protect every child from all forms of violence.”

The establishment of National Register for the Protection of Children from Sexual Crimes thanks to the support of the Canadian Government is an old proposal of CRCA Albania.  In the weeks to come an extensive consultative process will be convened with civil society organisations to discuss the establishment and functioning of the register, this in collaboration with partners and public institutions in order to come to a final draft to be submitted to the Albanian Parliament for approval.

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