Open day in institute of minors in Kavaja

Open day in institute of minors in Kavaja

Exhibition “ Freedom though Photography”

On 06`th June 2013 - CHILDREN’S HUMAN RIGHTS CENTRE OF ALBANIA –CRCA Albania, in cooperation with General Directorate of Prisonsand Institute for Execution of Penal Decisions ( I.E.P.D Jordan Misja, I.E.P.D Shën-Koll, I.E.P.D Korce, I.E.P.D Kavaje and I.E.P.D Vlore) organize the exhibition “ Freedom though Photography”   in Institute of Minors in Kavaja-I.M.K.

The organization of this exhibition was conducted in the framework of“The Sky is for All: Democracy and Protection for the Rights of Children in Conflict with the Law in Albania”,supported by small grant of  Embassy of U.S.A in Tirana.

The purpose of this activity was the exposure of about 30 photographs realized by minors in conflict with law,  through their imagination and camera`s  they have  capture moments and objects who symbolize freedom beyond bars.

In this context, for all the participants, the minors  presented a informative and entertaining program by themselves part of which includes the interactive games and sharing cerificates by the institution in various fields such as soccer, chess, ping-pong, volleyball, tug the rope, essays, poetry and painting.

Special guests of the event were the singers, Renis Gjoka and Tergita Gusta, whom they dedicated this day awareness for children's rights in Albania.

In this event, held for about two hours in the premises of Institute of  Minors  in Kavaja, was attended by representatives from various government and non government organizations and high representatives of international organizations such as UNICEF, OSCE etc, who praised the work of minors and their ideas.

For the first time this cooperation gave the children an opportunity to challenge the closed world, showing the value of freedom through of art.

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