The minor, Law and Justice

The minor, Law and Justice

Tirana on 19.03.2012

Minutes of Meeting

Location: Institute for Execution of Criminal Acts, Kavaja
Theme: "The minor, Law and Justice"
Experts: Albanian Center for Integrated Legal Services (CILSP)

The project '' Supporting  Minors in Kavaja Phase II Institute in cooperation with the General Directorate of Prisons, Juvenile Institute Kavaja, Save the Children, UNICEF and CRCA / DCI Albania, organized in date 15.03.2012 an open topic to minors who suffer detention or are awaiting trial at the Juvenile Institute, Kavaja with the theme "The Minor, Law and Justice".

The purpose of this activity was to inform and increase the potential of juveniles on juvenile justice and its administration.

The event was organized in close collaboration with legal experts (lawyers and psychologists) of CILSP, being considered as the first step of the partnership in the next stage of the program implementation.

36 minors from three sectors attended the event in IEVPKavaja. Two sectors of juveniles awaiting trial and one sector with convicted juveniles. Meetings were held within the relevant sectors where juveniles stay.

In addressing the topic to the lawyers, the juveniles articulated and shared various and specific problems for each lack of information regarding the process of detention, lawyers who do not meet the minors; minors who do not agree with what the counsel has indicated; their word is not taken in consideration; the duration of judicial processes, lack of lawyers or judges in the process, etc..

In dealing with this topic, it was discussed on the direct and shortened judgment, disciplinary measures, when they could benefit reduction of sentence, permits rewarding, amnesty, the right to be represented by two attorneys, probation service and electronic monitoring, etc.

Juveniles awaiting trial showed great interest in the treatment of topics, they were cooperative, were involved actively in the discussion of the topic and brought examples of their stories during the arrest, trial, reception etc. The topic of discussion highlighted existing information that the minors had and expanded it by giving accurate information to increase knowledge about the administration of juvenile justice.

Juveniles expressed interest in discussing such topics in continuity, to be more informed about court processes, procedures they should follow their rights about the trial process, etc.

The discussion on these topics is of interest not only for juveniles but for all professionals working in this area by strengthening the network of the partnership and cooperation in the field of juvenile justice. This initiative contributes to the realization of a fair trial process, which facilitates the waiting period of punishment and its performance in view of the final reintegration of the juvenile.

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