Book is culture knowledge

Book is culture knowledge

Kavajë, June 15th 2011 -   Children`s Human Rights Centre of Albania–CRCA / DCI Albania in collaboration with Save the Children, General Directory of Prisons and Institute of Minors, Kavajë organized an event in the occasion of donationof 200 books for juveniles of the institute of minors, Kavajë under the program    “The sky is for All” supported by Save the Children dhe UNICEF.

The main achievements of this program during 2010 -2011 are:

  • More than 80 juveniles have been assisted in the rehabilitation and reintegration process through the educational, leisure and sportive activities in the Institute of Minors Kavajë
  • More than 50 juveniles are informed and awareness about   the importance of  educational process;
  • More than 15 juveniles are attending   vocational training or working  after release  from the Institute of Minors, Kavajë;

The activity took about an hour, from 11:00 till 12:00, in the Library Room of the Institute of Minors in Kavaja.

The aim of event was to enrich the library with new titles from Albanian and foreign authors as well as provide a variety of books to encourage young people's interest in the world book.

In this activity took part representatives from institutions and NGOs who work in the administration of juvenile justice in Albania as well as representatives of different media.

High representatives of the of the Directorate General of Prisons, Save the Children, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labour, Education and Science Ministry of Interior,UNICEF and Institute for Minors in Kavajawelcomed the activity and thanked Save the Children and CRCA / DCI Albania for their contribution in the field of knowledge and re-integration juveniles in conflict with the law.

Already, the library in the institution has more than 378books and 159  new titles from Albanian and foreign authors with varied themes that will serve to enrich the spiritual world and the vocabulary of juveniles in conflict with the law.

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