Beside one another

Beside one another

Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania-CRCAin cooperation with theGeneral Directorate of Prisonsand Youth Voluntary Network in Albania organized in the environments of theInstitute for Execution of Penal Decisions –I.E.P.D Jordan Misja (313) activity in the framework of 8 March with the juveniles of this institution.

The focus of the activity was the entertainment of juveniles with different games developed by the youth to interact together with each other and share experiences with their peers, facilitation living in institution through activities with the peer, open discussions and case studies, focusing in relationship mother child and teachers.

Through these activities juveniles are supported from peer to peer in the process of re-integrating them, offering an otherwise day through entertainment and recreational programs.

23 juveniles of this institution were actively involved and engaged in the implementation of various games,  putting the focus in respecting the rules, encouraging imagination, interaction in group, decision making, giving and receiving feedback, and entertainment of all participants. Youth together performed various games such as game for better recognition of each other, games to break the ice, about the resurgence of the group, energizing, rol play and case study.

Most depth emotions which impressed the participants and touched the most was the game "My Letter" through all participants sent congratulations to their mothers for 8 March from institution.

At the end of the activity the participants expressed their interesttodeveloping as much as activities with peers,  which  facilitate waiting of the trial and keeping them in touch with what happens outside the institution.

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