Information and Research Centre for Children’s Rights in Albania

The Information and Research Centre for Children’s Rights in Albania (IRCCRA) was established on 26-th of August 1999 by a decision of the Board of Directors of Children's Human Rights Centre - CRCA. It played an important role in exchanging and the coordination of information on children during the Kosovo war. It’s “E-News” prepared on behalf of CRCA communicates with more than 1000 people, organisations and institutions across Albania and Europe.

The main aims of IRCCRA are to co-ordinate the information on children and youth rights, to strengthen NGO capacities at local and national level, and to provide children and young people, NGO’s, Government and experts with information, data and research on children and youth in Albania, because we believe it can facilitate the approval of new policies, action plans, national programmes and legislation.


  • To co-ordinate and exchange information on children and youth rights in Albania;
  • To carry out research on child and youth rights and issues in Albania;
  • To strengthen NGO and Government capacities at local and national level to work on children and youth rights;
  • To provide children, youth, NGO's, Governmental and experts with information and education on human rights.


  • To increase the information regarding the work, the projects and researches ongoing and completed by children's and youth NGO's in Albania and Western Balkans.
  • To offer NGO's and public institutions tailored training courses from qualified personnel on children and youth rights and international standards of UN, Council of Europe and European Union.
  • To maintain an Albanian NGO database that facilitates the contact between them and new partners, organisations and institutions.
  • Provide facilities that enable activists, NGO’s, professionals, lawyers, students etc to have access to information and research on children and youth.
  • Keep up to date information about grants, projects, conferences, both in Albania and Europe related to children and young people.
  • Inform comtinously mass media on the situation of children and young people.


IRCCRA initially was supported by a grant of The Olof Palmes International Center in cooperation with CRCA. Now it continues to serve as the information, research and publication center for the Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania.


  • Information for children and youth rights in Albania and the world;
  • Electronic Newsletters "News from CRCA";


  • Consultancy Services for training, information and research;
  • Review for Children and Youth Rights in Albania
  • Training for NGO leadership and management;
  • Training on CRC and other international standards related to children and youth rights;
  • Access to the Library containing more than 3000 publications;
  • Meeting room for training, workshops, seminars etc. (Max 20 people).
  • Photocopying / Printing
  • Design of posters, leaflets, books etc.

Donors and Partners


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