For a very long time, the protection of children from violence and sexual exploitation has been neglected by local and national authorities! Several studies in the field of CRCA/ECPAT Albania show that national laws and policies are yet very far from providing protection for children who have survived online and offline sexual violence and exploitation online. The time has come to change this reality, all together!

Tirana, June 28, 2022 – CRCA/ECPAT Albania and Barnahus Albania, started today the process of consultations with public institutions, civil society, child protection experts, in order to review the laws and policies for the protection of children from sexual violence and exploitation. Findings from several studies of CRCA/ECPAT Albania show that the authorities at all levels are not prepared and lack political will to protect and provide services to children who survive sexual violence and exploitation.
In this framework, the experts of CRCA/ECPAT Albania and Barnahus held the 1st consultation roundtable to review the current legal framework for the protection of children. The roundtable which was held this morning, in the presence of national and international organizations, as well as children’s rights experts, focused on the proposed changes by CRCA/ECPAT Albania to the Criminal Code, the Law on the Rights of the Child, the Protocol of Professionals for the Protection of Children from Sexual Violence and the Code of Conduct of Professionals for the Protection of Children from Violence.
For a long time, CRCA/ECPAT Albania has expressed its concerns in every meeting and public appearance, on the situation created by the shortcomings in the legislation. The need for legal improvements, better public policies both at the central and local level, combined with the establishment of new standards of conduct for professionals who work with / for children in Albania are now a national emergency.
“We believe that this effort will bring significant improvements in the existing legal framework, the work standards of professionals, as well as the preparation of a National Action Plan for the protection of children from sexual violence and exploitation, based on the best experiences of the EU and the Council of Europe” – said Altin Hazizaj, Director of CRCA / ECPAT Albania.

The meeting comes as a necessity to address the issue of online and offline violence and sexual exploitation of children in Albania, which has become a national emergency. The report “Voices of Survivors” of ECPAT International and CRCA/ECPAT Albania showed that social services in support of the survivors of sexual violence are almost non-existent both at the national and local levels.
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June 28, 2022