Coalition welcomes the entrance of three women in Parliament

Coalition welcomes the entrance of three women in Parliament

Tirana, 1 October 2014 – The Albanian Coalition for Promotion of Women and Youth in Politics has followed closely the withdrawal of their mandates as MPs of four Ministers and the passing of these mandates to the other candidates in the list, three of whom are women.

The Coalition, which for several years now, has asked the defining on the Electoral Code of the mechanisms that will make possible the real implementation of gender quota, welcomes the decision of the CEC to replace the vacant seats of MPs with women candidates. CEC decided to replace the seats with women candidates on the lists, in areas where political parties have not implemented the 30% gender quota.

Thus referring to the lists Ms. Erjeta Allhysa Ms. Luljeta Arapi and Ms. Ezmerina Hoxha become members of the Assembly which will bring the number of women MPs in the Parliament to 29. Although this number does not reach 30% gender quota, the Coalition welcomes again the work of CEC and the Albanian Parliament, encouraging them to continue with their efforts to reach the required European standards.

The Coalition also encourages women MPs to undertake and support initiatives for gender equality in the country and all together to create opportunities for women to be part of politics, because gender equality, representation and participation in politics are fundamental for democracy and human rights.

Higher representation of women in politics and parliament will make sure that the views and interests of women and girls will have higher chances of being taken into consideration. This will be reflected in greater diversity policies, better policies for children and families and will provide models for a more democratic society.

We believe that participation of women in parliament is needed to strengthen democracy and promote its correct function. Increasing women's participation in decision-making structures and political life is an opportunity to empower women. Institutions and policies may be more representative, all-inclusive, thus creating a better road for development.

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