Over the last few years, research about child sexual exploitation and abuse online has received increased attention, but there has been limited research focusing on survivors’ experiences and amplifying their voices. It is crucial for survivors to contribute to shaping the response to child sexual exploitation and abuse. This would lead to improving the prevention and disruption activities and support offered to children.
This new research drew on one-on-one conversations with young survivors, a survey with frontline social support workers and a global expert roundtable. This multi-country project was undertaken through a partnership of the WeProtect Global Alliance, ECPAT International and six of its network member organisations. It took place in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Mexico, Moldova and Peru.
This research aims to amplify the voices of survivors, and collect evidence on the availability, quality and effectiveness of support services for survivors of child sexual exploitation and abuse online. It also aims to translate this into action in which governments, non-governmental organisations and the private sector can provide better prevention, reporting and support mechanisms more tailored to children’s needs.
The report you can find at the link below: https://www.weprotect.org/survivors-perspectives/
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