Tirana, 18 November 2016 – The Children's Human Rights Centre in Albania (CRCA) in cooperation with the Parliamentary Group "Friends of Children" and with the support of UNICEF Albania presented today the guideline "On the Promotion of children’s rights promotion in the Albanian Parliament". This guideline seeks to assist MP’s of the Albanian Parliament to work on advancing the rights of children and adolescents, in particular to fight child violence and maltreatment.

This guideline has been prepared in cooperation with the Parliamentary Group "Friends of Children" in collaboration with UNICEF and CRCA Albania, in the framework of the joint initiative “Protecting Children from Violence” supported by UNICEF Albania.

The main goal of the program is the engagement of MPs who have shown sensitivity and proactively work on children's rights in the Parliament, to create greater support on children’s issue, measures through new laws and policies on the prevention of violence against children and to ensure that state institutions working for children will be supported by the Albanian Parliament and be accountable for their achievements and challenges.

The guideline was prepared by Altin Hazizaj and Mersila Ballo, from CRCA Albania, who have worked together to facilitate the process of setting up the Parliamentary Group “Friends of Children”. This guideline is intended to help and assist MPs who want to dedicate a part of their parliamentary activity to children, to familiarize with the national and international legal framework on children’s protection from violence, initiatives they can take, role they can play to encourage the Government and society to fight violence against children, the importance of cooperation with civil society, etc.

Mr. Hazizaj, General Director of CRCA Albania in his speech said: "Due to their functions that MP’s have in the state and society, they can play a major role in protecting, preventing children from violence, and increasing the range of social services for the treatment of children who are victims of violence and maltreatment. The guideline seeks that through modest proposals and sharing of experiences from parliaments and parliamentarians of other countries in Europe, to bring attention in the Albanian Parliament on the role and responsibility they have for children and the future of the country.

The Parliamentary Group "Friends of Children" is an ad hoc group in the Albanian Parliament. It is a group of MP’s from various political parties, with representatives from all parliamentary groups represented in the Parliament.  It is comprised of approximately 23 MP’s, men and women, dedicated over the years to advancing human, children and women rights, etc., making the group's work more diversified and supportive in terms of visibility of children’s rights from different professional angles and experiences, proposing multidisciplinary solutions in lawmaking. For more information consult

For more information, please contact Altin Hazizaj at the email address: or Mersila Ballo at

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