The Parliament asks the Government to support ALO 116 and the Social Services Reform in Albania

Tirana, 27 November 2013 – The Albanian Parliament approved last night in its plenary session with 109 votes in favour the Resolution on the Protection and Respect of Rights of Children in Albania", which was drafted by CRCA and several members of Parliament. The Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania - CRCA, considers the unanimous approval of this resolution as a milestone of the cooperation of the Parliament with civil society for the advancement of children's rights in the country.

The Resolution it’s the outcome of the dedication and professional work of the civil society, the two parliamentary committees and the Children’s Rights Parliamentarian Caucus and supported by the UNICEF-EU initiative “Protecting children from violence in South-East Europe”. In mid- November, upon a request from CRCA Albania, the Albanian Parliament dedicated an open hearing session to child rights situation in the country, where national civil society organizations and UNICEF were invited to raise issues regarding the protection and respect of children’s rights and the implementation of the recommendations of the UN Committee for the Rights of Child for Albania.

Ms. Vasilika Hysi, a Member of the Albanian Parliament, who strongly supported the approval of the Resolution, stated that: "The resolution adopted today by the Parliament, envisages inter alia the enhancement of parliamentary control over state institutions dealing with protection of children's rights. I have to acknowledge the contribution of the Parliament for the protection of children’s rights especially of those belonging to marginalized groups. The work of the Legal Affairs Committee and the Social Affairs Committee will definitely not pause here, in view of the consolidation and establishment of the Children’s Rights Parliamentarian Group.”

The Resolution itself raises the issue regarding the establishment of a national fund during 2014 state budget to support programmes and services such as ALO 116 -The Albanian Child Helpline, essential to protection of children from violence and exploitation.

Altin Hazizaj, Director of CRCA Albania, said: "Today, Albania has turned a new page in our history of protection and respect for children. The approval of the Resolution it’s an extraordinary step towards respecting children's rights in Albania. CRCA would like to thank the Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Meta and the heads of parliamentary committees, Mr. Xhafaj and Mrs. Vokshi for their support. A tremendous thank you goes to Mrs. Hysi, who with her dedication during these years has supported the efforts of civil society to advance the rights of children in the country ".

Through this Resolution, a serious of tasks and responsibilities have been assigned to the Ministries and state institutions, among others the preparation of a work plan in order to make applicable the recommendations deriving for the Resolution.

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