The city of Pogradec opens its doors to the awareness campaign “Children’s Rights and ALO 116”.

The city of Pogradec opens its doors to the awareness campaign “Children’s Rights and ALO 116”.

ALO 116 and CRCA visit the primary school “Koli Gusho”, “Muharrem Collaku” Gymnasium and the “Persefoni Treni” kindergarten.

Pogradec city, 15 May 2013– ALO 116 - The Albanian National Child Helpline and the Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania (CRCA Albania) continued today, ëith the support of UNICEF and the European Union, their national awareness campaign in schools on the topic 'Children’s Rights and ALO 116 '.

The campaign this time had as a destination the primary school“Koli Gusho”, “Muharrem Collaku” Gymnasium and “Persefoni Treni” kindergarten. ALO 116’s awareness campaign in schools is organized in cooperation with COMBI Programme 'Communication for Behavior Change' that takes place in schools as well.

ALO 116 and its staff is continuing its visits in schools across the country, in an awareness campaign regarding the respect for children’s rights and the counseling services the Albanian National Child Helpline offers to children and young people.

ALO 116 has a long experience in counseling in schools. Today’s activity at the schools of Pogradec was organized by interactively communicating with children on the promotion of their rights. During the event a clear message on human rights and child rights was given to the children and youngsters so that they would feel supported by the institutions and the community. They were introduced to the services, the mission, the goals and the counseling that ALO 116 provides, as well as the inclusive policies on which ALO 116 has built its work. ALO 116 awareness materials were distributed for all the children at the start of the presentation.

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